Care Tips

Care & Growing

´Greatberry´® are particularly demanding, easy-to-care-for and robust wild fruit plants. They do not need a care cut, little fertilizer and can thrive even on nutrient-poor soils. Preferably a sunny location but also semi-shade is suitable. . Amelanchier hardly suffer from frost damage. All ´Greatberry´® are robust and healthy plants that tolerate winter temperatures of up to – 40º Celsius.

Sun or semi-shade.

Soil and planting
Unpretentious, very adaptable, not too wet.
´Greatberry´® feel comfortable in the garden or in a large pot on the balcony or terrace.

As U-pick fruit or in the kitchen with delicious recipes.
´Greatberry´® are also attractive as a flower hedge, wind protection, bee pasture and bird-eating.

Not Required. If necessary, easy care cut in March or October.

A fertilizer is recommended both in the early spring at the start of growth and in early summer for berry maturation. Basically all fertilizers are suitable, also organic such as compost or coffee.

The fruit can be processed immediately after harvesting or stored in the freezer without any problems.
A net over the plant prevents birds from picking the berries.

Because of its relatively small size and aesthetic appearance, Amelanchier alnifolia is also suitable for use as an ornamental in small gardens and aesthetically effective in all seasons: In spring due to the blossoms, in summer through the fruits, in autumn with great coloring and in the winter because of filigree branching. They are even suitable for planting in large buckets. In this way the ´Greatberry´® can be used even on a large balcony as an ornamental and useful shrub.


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