´Greatberry´® - a super berry from Canada

Have a great berry!

´Greatberry´® are also known as Saskatoon Berry or June Berry. The wild fruit has been cultivated in plantations in its Canadian homeland for decades and is also very popular as a garden ornemental. The berries have a high concentration of antioxidants, flavonoids and vitamin C.

´Greatberry´® are picked directly from the shrub.
Or processed into delicious jams, fruity juice, delicious cakes or creamy ice cream.
Juicy-sweet fruits with an almond aroma.
Attractive in the garden, also works in the big pot on terrace and balcony.
Easy to maintain, unpretentious, extremely hardy.
Year-round beautiful ornamental because of bloom, fruit, autumn coloring.

´Greatberry´® are robust and healthy plants which tolerate temperatures of up to – 40º degrees celsius. The more sturdy upright shrubs or small trees are 1.5 m to 4 m high. The white, self-pollinating flowers in April/May are followed in June by blue-black-frosted approx. 1.5 cm large berries. The fruits are sweet and juicy in taste and have a nutty almond aroma. All varieties are abundantly fertile, versatile in the kitchen as well as U-pick, flower hedge, wind protection and bee pasture.

´Greatberry´® are botanically referred to Amelanchier alnifolia

The Saskatoonberry, Juneberry or Serviceberry was already discovered by the Canadian Indians. For several years there are also plantations for commercial cultivation established. In Europe this fruit was known only by plant geeks.

Their natural areas are parts of North America on river banks and in forests

The fruits, which are mainly cultivated in plantations today, are offered as fresh fruit, frozen or in a dried state.

From the blossoms develop in July/August the fruits which are appprox. 10–12 mm in size. They have a sweet, blueberry-like aroma and are quite juicy. ´Greatberry´® fruits are suitable for fresh consumption as well as for the production of jam. They can also be mixed with other fruits or used as dried fruit. Even “blueberry cakes”, ice cream and juice can be prepared from the fruits.

Use in the garden
Because of its relatively small size Amelanchier alnifolia is also suitable for use as an ornamental in small gardens with an aesthetically effect in all seasons: In spring due to the blossoms, in summer due to the fruits, in autumn with its great coloring and in winter because of the filigree branching. ´Greatberry´® are even suitable for large buckets and can be used on a large balcony as an ornamental and useful shrub.

Amelanchier alnifolia can thrive even on poor soils. In general, they adapt to the soil conditions. Optimal are slightly acidic to calcareous soils and at a sunny location, but semi-shade works too. Amelanchier suffers hardly any frost damage. Especially the new ´Greatberry´® varieties also withstand extremely cold winters.


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